10 January 2022 Back to School in Uganda

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It was a difficult and long 2 years. Schools in Uganda were closed in March 2020, to finally re-open on 10 January 2022. Uganda holds the world record of the longest school close. Although the strict lockdown guidelines worked in the onset of the pandemic, the long duration had an enormous impact on the communities all over Uganda, and more in particular in the rural areas like Mulanda, were Sikiliza Leo is based.

Due to intense contact with the local team, the initiative and hard work of our localĀ  team, Sikiliza Leo was able to support families, OVCs (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) and their communities. The normal school and OVC budgets, and the teachers and child monitor staff were re-oriented towards supporting the communities to survive this crisis period. Extra sponsor budget was invested to renovate and maintain the school buildings and the school vegetable garden, and to bring the schools up to par with the Covid-19 guidelines for re-opening of the classes.

On 10 January the schools finally opened again. Everybody: children, parents, and especially the teachers were very happy. Extra attention is payed to bring children back to a school attitude, and to overcome the lost education of almost 2 years.


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