The Water Project

Increasing community access to safe water in Mulanda and Nabuyoga sub-counties (2004)

The water project was established in 2004 to respond to the needs of HIV patients who required clean water to minimize the risk of opportunistic infections. The project was later expanded to serve the needs of the wider community. Sikiliza Leo in partnership with PROTOS (a water drilling company) conducted a baseline Survey on availability of underground water. This allowed the NGO to build an excellent relationship with District Water Office of Tororo. This Baseline Survey gives a detailed insight in the real needs, for planning the future. Several key milestones were achieved as outlined below;

  • 2006: Installation of a rainwater harvesting tank at the Iyoriang Primary School. Protection of 3 water springs in Wakasiki and Migana (Nabuyoga sub-county) and one in Mulanda sub-county. Drilling of 6 boreholes. Six deep well boreholes were identified: Koyi, Pochowa, Mwelo in Mulanda subcounty and Wichama, Magelo and Siwa in Nabuyoga subcounty. In total 7 drillings were done, out of which 6 were productive wells and one dry well in Mwelo.
  • 2013: Solar pumping installation and water tower for Medical Health and Training Center III in Kiyeyi in collaboration with HUMASOL (2013). In the summer of 2013 this program was executed in partnership with HUMASOL, a Belgium association of engineering students. This project was a major success, mainly due to excellent partnership with Sikiliza Leo management, the District Water Office, and HUMASOL.
  • 2014: Solar pumping installation and water tower for Medical Health Center IV in Mulanda again in collaboration with HUMASOL.
  • 2014: Restoration of 12 broken deep well water hand pumping installations.
  • 2015: Capacity building and training for the Water Users Committees – Inventarisation of restoration and maintenance needs.
  • 2016 -2017: Restoration and maintenance in collaboration with Water District Office Tororo
  • 2017: new deep water borehole drilling for Medical Health Center IV in Mulanda  with Humasol and DWO Tororo, sponsored by Atlas Copco Belgium
  • 2023: borehole restaurator at Primary Schools of Lwala and Mulanda and for the Community of Pochowa.
  • 2023: Installation of tap water for the Sikiliza Leo Nursery Schools in Lwala and Pochowa.

now have access to clean water, including the primary schools. In addition, two Medical Health Centers in the   were fitted with running tap water in the Clinic.  The solar power generated also provided electricity for two fridges in the health center and clean water for communities in Kiyeyi health center, including the secondary school nearby.  Working on this project provided a good Learning experience for the District Water Office in Tororo and there was a high value return to 2000 households due to restoration of pumps.