The Nursery Schools Project

(since 2006)

To respond to the rising numbers of orphans and vulnerable children because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic Sikiliza Leo in partnership with the Sikiliza Leo Working Group launched the Family support initiative in 2006. The project had started from the initial observation that many young mothers had difficulties in coping with the care for their young children in combination with their other domestic tasks.  Especially the girls had to stay at home to help look after their younger brothers and sisters and were not able to go to school. Starting school at early age is essential for children in their education. The integration of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) at school within the local community has a wider community benefit.

The NGO constructed two nursery schools in 2006 in Mulanda and Lwala parishes. Two extra classrooms were inaugurated both Mulanda and Lwala in June 2014 with the “Friends of Hilde Berger”. And in 2014 a team of 7 young Sikiliza Leo Working group members + 2 senior members, worked for 4 weeks on nursery school education improvement, on capacity building for OVC Child monitoring, on nutrition improvement, and on infrastructure improvement.

  • Currently the schools are looking after and teaching 120-150 children in Mulanda and 200-250 children in Lwala.
  • There is an increased opportunity for girls’ education and an increased capacity of child education at nursery school level through 6 trained nursery school teachers.
  • School committee were installed to guide the schools on policies and curriculum.
    • The schools have an important function as an educational example and learning platform for the neighboring communities.
    • The schools are an important central platform for adult education for both Mulanda and Lwala